Here are some classic strategy tips for Puzzle Galaxies!

TIP 1 - Complete Pods while waiting for the keys to drop (and complete them by waiting for them to fill with 4 jewels first!)

While you are waiting for the keys to drop in the final levels (ones with the 'safe'), one thing you can do is try and complete pods while you are waiting! Although this may not seem possible at first, it might be.

What you do, is you first look at the jewels left in the level, and see if you can count '4' of one jewel type (ie maybe you will discover there are '4' yellow jewels currently 'out and about' in the level).


Now, once you've counted 4 of those jewels, wait until one of the pods obtains four jewels (it won't be all matching jewels, or maybe not end up with any 'yellow' jewels at all). Then, once you have a 4 jewel pod, now is the time to act! With the 4 jewel pod, now trade jewels in this pod (possibly all 4 of them) until you have 4 'yellow' jewels in this pod, and it will complete!

You can then repeat the above if you still can find a '4' count of another jewel type.

So, in summary, the steps are:

  1. Try and find a 4-count of one jewel type
  2. Wait until one of the pods fills up with 4 jewels (of any types)
  3. Now, trade jewels to complete the pod, using the 4-count jewel type discovered in step 1.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 (ie see if you can find another 4-count of one jewel type)

Hope this helps! And as usual, feel free to email me if you have questions/comments on the above (jeffmoretti@evermoregamestudios.com)


Jeff Moretti
Evermore Game Studios